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Skin by Savi is a licensed esthetician and skincare expert located in Ventura, Ca offering enzyme therapy treatments. Savi is an anti-aging and acne specialist that offers paramedical skincare services for real skin revision. Savi began her career in the Esthetic industry in 2013 after attending the San Francisco Institute of Esthetics and Cosmetology. She grew up dealing with acne first hand so after years of unsuccessful treatments she decided to take matters into her own hands and pursue Esthetic school. 
Savi dedicates herself and her business trying to ease people of their aesthetic worries. She wants each person to leave with a more solid understanding of what is happening within their own skin and body. If you have a skincare concern Savi wants you to know that skin can be revised with patience and dedication. Skin is full of intricacy, that’s why Savi knows it must be approached in a personal and holistic manner for every client is unique. 

At Skin by Savi we believe knowledge is power and that’s why we are committed to our primary focus of preserving and protecting your skin’s integrity. Your body is your home and everyone deserves to feel happy and comfortable in their own skin.

About Savanah

Savanah Stockton is a licensed esthetician who attended the reputable San Francisco Institute of Esthetics and Cosmetology and received her Esthetician's license from the state of California. 
Savanah is driven by discoveries she has made on her own skincare journey, and wants people to know that there is a real solution to their skin problems that will last a lifetime. She works to help her clients achieve their skincare goals, and she can help you as well.

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