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If you are experiencing acne, congestion, dryness, dehydration, sun damage, pigmentation, rosacea or even fine lines and wrinkles, Skin by Savi can help you overcome your skincare concerns with your commitment to achieve the skin of your dreams.
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• Frequently Asked Questions •

What products do we use?

At Skin by Savi we use DMK skincare. DMK is an advanced skincare line that works with the body’s natural chemistry to improve skin functioning for optimal results.

What do I need to know before my first Enzyme therapy treatment?

The Enzyme masque stays on for 45 minutes. This is because the transfer-messenger enzymes take this time to re-educate the skin. The masque will lightly pulsate and tighten throughout this time. The masque promotes circulation because proper blood flow is essential for healthy skin. No need to wear makeup to your appointment and no exfoliating a few days prior.

Is there downtime after a chemical peel?

The get-glowing micro peel is a light form of chemical exfoliation designed to remove old dead skin in order to reveal a newer and healthier quality of skin. You will need to stay out of the sun for 24-48 hours and will constantly need to reapply SPF until the peeling is done. No exfoliating at home before or after the peel for 2 weeks.

Are Enzyme Therapy treatments safe for everyone?

Yes. Anyone who wants to improve their skins current state can receive an enzyme treatment. Suitable for all skin conditions such acne/congestion, scarring, discoloration/pigmentation, sun spots, fine lines/wrinkles and even sensitive skins like rosacea. Safe for pregnant women as well.

How many Enzyme treatments will I need to see a difference in my skin?

For best results Enzyme treatments are recommended at least once a month. If you are wanting full skin revision treatments are recommend every 1-2 weeks to speed up the process of correcting your skin. Packages are available, contact for more info.

What will an Enzyme therapy treatment do for my skin?

Enzyme therapy treatments remove dead skin and bacteria and then rebuild and restore by giving back hydration, nutrients, minerals, amino acids, vitamins and antioxidants to your skin on a cellular level. This will in turn give you a new and improved quality of skin. Enzyme treatments help with circulation, oxygenation and lymphatic drainage in order to get the healthiest skin possible. You can expect to see improved texture, a clearer and brighter skin tone, diminished fine lines and wrinkles and glowing hydrated skin.

Is there downtime after an Enzyme treatment?

There is no downtime. You will leave with SPF but still be mindful of staying out of the sun for the first 24-48 hours after.

What is the DMK difference?

The surface of skin is only symptomatic of what is occurring deep within. DMK works on the internal structure and function of skin on a cellular level to retrain it. Most traditional style facials only work superficially not ever getting to the core problem. DMK products and treatments restore skin health on an internal level first in order to achieve beautiful vibrant skin on the outside.

Why You Should Try DMK

While there are many different skincare lines available to try, DMK stands out because of their philosophy on skin. DMK is known for Enzyme Therapy treatments which is much more progressive than your average facial. Enzyme therapy is an advanced scientific process in rebuilding skin. The goal of Enzyme therapy is to get to the core problem of any skin condition on a cellular level to revise it for an improved quality of skin. There are 3 major reasons why DMK will give you the skin you desire; 1. DMK treatments rebuild skin. 2. Enzyme treatments work on a cellular level. 3. DMK treatments and formulations match the body’s natural chemistry.

• Getting to Know Our Skin •

• Getting to Know Our Skin •